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A Concept for an interactive pavilion on Pier 63 on the Seattle waterfront.


I wanted to experiment with the idea of creating and interactive pavilion and design a 3d prototype that utilizes color, shape and light as key elements of the structure. 63 Voltaic is an interactive pavilion aimed to educate and engage visitors in alternative energy sources.


The pavilion is entirely powered by wind, solar and kinetic energy created by visitors. hypothetically it would be located on Pier 63 on the Seattle waterfront.  I choose this location because it could  utilize the offshore wind and the large open area allows for plenty of sunlight to charge the pavilions solar panels.  

63 Voltaic-pavilion.jpg

Green is used to represent nature and sustainability, it is the color of the main logo as well as tied into several elements of the structure such as the framework, benches and glass. The yellow represents energy and is significant to the power running from solar panels into the two yellow poles. Blue is used to compliment the surrounding landscape and provide additional hues as light passes through the glass. The yellow, green and blue glass in the upper floor cast a variety of shapes and color hues depending on the direction of the sun.

63 Voltaic-7-2.jpg
63_Voltaic Logo.png

I used the shape of a leaf to mimic throughout the pavilion.

63 Voltaic-3.jpg
63 Voltaic-5-2.jpg

Allowing light to pass through the colored glass from the roof gives light to the space below. When the sun hits various parts of the pavilion it casts interesting light patterns that mimic the pattern of the logo and movement. 

63 Voltaic-9.jpg
63 VOLTAIC.jpg
63 Voltaic-13.jpg
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